The Magic of Muslins

We love muslins! They really are magic, they have so many uses Heather from Luxury Moon is here to tell us all about how awesome they are!

“I first remember muslins when I was a small child. They were being wrapped around babies and used to deal with horrible stuff coming from mouth, nose and seemingly everywhere. I did not want to be involved! I then remember seeing them being hung up in cone shapes to filter cooked fruit to make jelly. We were banned from going near as there was obviously fear of us swinging them and making a mess.

My next encounter was much later in life when I was pregnant with my first baby. I was looking at the suggested lists from shops on the seemingly huge amount of items that you needed to buy to be prepared for a newborn and I think that it was on the John Lewis list that I came across muslins again. I wasn’t really sure about them but as with several other items I bought a couple to make sure that I was covered for all eventualities.

It was from then on that I discovered how brilliant and versatile they are. Uses have been 🙂

1) As a burp cloth for small babies. And a general reliable clean up cloth if anything goes wrong!

2) Emergency nappy folded up under a nappy wrap. Lots of people use them for newborn babies as so flexible and cheap

3)Mat for putting baby on floor anytime anywhere

4) Cover for changing mats at home and out to ensure a warmer cleaner surface for baby

5) Seat cover

6) Sun cover on buggies and prams

I then continued to carry muslins with me when out and about and they became

7) Playground wipe down cloths. My kids could always go on the swings even after rain as the muslins would sort them out

8) Cloth to clean faces and hands when out

9) Cloth to cope with any spillage anywhere when out and about

10)Tissue for colds

11) Emergency skirt tied in a knot at the corner

12) Blanket or cover for teddies and toys

13) Picnic rug for toys

And lastly they have, carefully folded, even stood in as a menstrual cloth pad when needed. And would make a sun hat too if required.

They really are the ultimate in reusable cloth!” 



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