Earthwise Girls and Zero Waste Week

Our friends at Earthwise Girls are giving us their top tips for Zero Waste Week today, here’s Christine:

ZWW sponsored by EWG

“Earthwise Girls is delighted to be Sponsoring Zero Waste Week 2017 – but what is Zero WasteWeek about – and is Zero Waste even achievable?

Zero Waste Week is a grassroots campaign raising awareness of the environmental impact of wasteand empowering participants to reduce waste.

Baby Steps

We’re huge believers in taking every journey one step at a time, so don't get disheartened by images of millennials who can fit 5 years waste into a jar, instead we recommend you start by doing a Zero Waste Audit of your own waste – there’s a free template sheet you can print from the Zero Waste Week website, and that will help you see where you could make simple swaps. Remember to think about the waste you throw away while away from the home too!

We’ve come up with 7 simple switches you could make towards a Zero Waste lifestyle – how many of these are you already doing, and what could you add next?

1. Menstrual Products
Many Earthwise Girls customers are already using or considering reusable menstrual earthwise_medium_pads_butterfliesproducts – this is a great switch to make, as the average menstruator uses some 15,000 disposable products during their lifetime! What a waste! Reusable menstrual products generate a fraction of the waste, and at a fraction of the cost too – and that’s one of the beautiful things about reducing your waste, it often saves you money too.


2. Get Drink Aware
h2onya bottle 750 blueDon’t worry, we’re not asking you to ditch your favourite tipple, but how often does your drink get served with a disposable straw? How about investing in a reusable straw – you can keep it in your bag and order your drinks without a straw. If you’re someone who likes a morning coffee, have you considered bringing your own reusable cup – some stores will even give you money off for doing so! And to keep hydrated during the day, a stainless steel reusable bottle is a must.


3. Fruit & Veg
Does your fruit & veg end up coming home in single use plastic? Supermarkets are Onya weigh bags appleparticularly bad for this – try visiting your local farmers market, farm shop or greengrocer and take your own fruit & veg bags to use instead of single use plastic or paper bags. Plus the produce you’ll find in these places is often much fresher and tastier too, and you’ll be supporting someone who will be spending their income locally to you.

4. Laundry
soapnut_shells_tubeZero Waste Laundry? I’m serious! Soapnuts are completely biodegradable when exhausted, and we even have a nearly zero waste stain remover stick (it comes wrapped in paper). Choose the bag of soapnuts and they come completely plastic free! The cloth bag they come in can be recycled or reused.



5. Shopping Bags
Most people in the UK now have reusable bags – but how often do you get caught out without your bags? I’ll bet it’s happened to most of us sometime or another. What you need is an Onya bag or backpack – they pack down into a tiny lightweight pouch so are really easy to keep in your bag, clipped to a belt loop or in the car and you’ll never be caught without again.

6. Toothbrushes & Combs
Have you thought about trying a toothbrush or hair comb that’s not made of plastic? Opting for items made from bamboo or wood means they are completely biodegradable and sustainable. Plus there’s something very tactile about them that makes them a pleasure to use.

7. Cleansing Pads
Switch to reusable cleansing pads for your daily cleansing routine or makeup removal.Imse Vimse cleansing wipes Typically supplied as a set of several cloth pads in a handy mini mesh bag for washing – so they won’t end up stuck down your shirt sleeves. A super easy switch, and a great gift too!

As the saying goes, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Small changes tend to be more sustainable, so take it a step at a time and you might just surprise yourself!

All of the highlighted products can be found at

Find out more about Zero Waste Week at”



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