Introducing Sew Useful

We have a guest blog post here from Christine, owner of Earthwise Girls, Plush Pants and Wonderoos all about a brand new product and the story behind it.

“I’m delighted to reveal that Earthwise Girls has just become the exclusive stockist for Sew Useful menstrual cup pouches, with more products to follow soon. Sew Useful products are made by my eldest daughter Ellie, who is a Physics student, and sews in her spare time as a way of relaxing after the busy demands of her course. As many crafters will appreciate, sewing can also be a great way to enhance mental wellbeing, and practise mindfulness.

P1030336 web
Ellie has been working at Earthwise Girls for the last few months, during which time she has been very influential, and has gone from simply unpacking stock and packing orders, to creating our popular Favourites bundles (mixed brand starter bundles which are popular with those new to reusable pads), suggesting and sourcing new product lines, helping to pack up large orders for our charity partners, and making up our First Period Boxes. She’s also been responsible for much of our stock photography over the last few months, and frequently asks for my phone so that she can post
pictures to Instagram.

Ellie and Christine 1
This experience has given Ellie a unique insight into the world of reusable menstrual products, and I’m very happy to be stocking some of her new product range at Earthwise Girls.
The little menstrual cup pouches are super cute, with a ribbon drawstring closure, and can also be used to store a single pad (small or regular size).

You can order your Sew Useful menstrual cup pouch for just £2.50 each here!



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