Switching from Single Use to Disposable Nappies

For a family who didn’t know about reusable nappies and has just found out about them, the idea of making that change could be quite daunting! Today, we have a guest blog post from Steph Mills about how that process went for her!

“How do you deal with pooey nappies?!

This was me, two years ago; my first baby, a boy, had been born in the January, and my friend had bought us a reusable wipes kit, a Doctor Who reusable nappy and wetbag when he was born. I will admit that, at the time, I smiled and said, ‘thank you’ while inside I was thinking ‘what the hell is this? What do you do with the poo?’ She used reusable nappies on her two and thought that I should try them out; she also thought exploiting our love of Doctor Who was the way to do it (well played, Pip!)

Two months down the line, and my friend had asked me several times how I was getting on with the reusable wipes kit, so I decided it was time to bite the bullet and actually try them, even if just to prove my friend wrong… And I was hooked; no more smearing the poo everywhere, only one (or possibly two) needed per nappy change, easy to store in the boxes, easy to take away with us on outings using wetbags. I could go on, but I’ve a word count to keep to.

Borrowing a kit from my local nappy library was the next logical step. While Pip had given us a fabulous reusable nappy, we had no idea what to do with it. What are the materials inside? How do I wash it? And, most importantly, what do I do with the poo?! Luckily Penny was a fountain of knowledge and we went away with a bagful of different types to try for a month (completely free, by the way!)

Over the next month, we learnt how to use, wash and fit reusable nappies. We tried microfibre, bamboo and hemp and found out which combination worked well for our boy. We discovered (the hard way) that Velcro wasn’t for us when my bear undid a pooey nappy. We also found out other, less obvious, things, like our bins weren’t full to the brim anymore at our fortnightly black bin collections, that disposable nappies reek of chemicals when you have got used to nappies not having a smell and that big fluffy bums are SO much cuter than flat ‘sposie bums. So by the end of the month, we’d bought our own stash of nappies to start our own cloth journey.”


“The most common comment I hear from people that don’t use cloth are ‘you must do a LOT of washing.’ Well, no, actually, we do a nappy wash three times a week, and don’t need to do any extra clothes washing from disposables leaking up the back several times a day and requiring a full outfit change. For us, it’s the same amount of washing. Washing reusable nappies isn’t rocket science, the only real changes you may need to make is to switch to powder rather than liquid and lose the fabric conditioner.


Lastly, I will address the issue I raised right at the start, how do you deal with pooey nappies?! Some of us use fleece liners to catch the worst of it, and just flush the poo away (hold tight to the liner), others use disposable liners and bag and bin – sometimes you just need one less thing to worry about in your day!”


Steph now volunteers along side Penny with WNAS Nappy Library. If you want to find a nappy library so you can give cloth a go, click **here** to find your local library!


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