Switch For Six

This Real Nappy Week we are  working with Real Nappies for London to ask non reusable users in the UK to switch to cloth nappies just for six weeks. Nothing crazy, just a six week switch.


If switching to full time cloth is a bit daunting, it’s not an all or nothing situation, if you just switch one nappy a day to a reusable nappy you would save 42 single use nappies from going to landfill or incineration.

Maybe taking each day as it comes is the best way forward for you, start with one reusable nappy on day one, then move on to two reusable nappies on day two and so on.

You might not even need to go out and buy any nappies for the six weeks, some local authorities offer a free trail pack, if yours doesn’t you could get in touch with your local nappy library to borrow some nappies. If neither of these options will work for you, have a look on Facebook or Gumtree you should be able to pick up a selection of pre loved cloth nappies to try out.

How ever the switch works best for you, we’ll be here cheering you on and we’ll be on hand for any questions you have along the way!

If you want to take the pledge and Switch for Six, pop over to Real Nappies for London and fill out the pledge form. Then, join the Facebook group where you can talk to others who have taken the pledge and we’re in there too ready to answer any questions and give words of encouragement when needed.

Today is the day, ditch the disposables and switch for six!


#GoReal #RNW #RNW2017 #SwitchForSix


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