Real Nappy Week 2017


“One World, One Change”

Real Nappy Week 2017 will take place online, in nappy shops and with nappy libraries up and down the country. This is your chance to help us spread the word about cloth nappies, tag your friend in a giveaway, or even enter one on their behalf! Take them along to a nappuccino or ask your local nappy library if they can come and demo at your local play group, WI, or maybe when you’re out for drinks with other parents at the pub? If you don’t have a library, get your friends over with their little ones for a play date and show off your nappy stash! Help your friends to make that one change, the change to reusable nappies!

Why Change?

By using Cloth Nappies, families could save anywhere from £100 – £1000 and the more children they have in cloth, the bigger the saving!

And don’t forget the cost to our environment. By choosing Cloth over Single Use Nappies, families could make up to a 40% carbon saving.

Currently UK families send 355,000 tons of single use nappies to landfill each year, costing Local Authorities (and tax payers) £32 million a year. This has to change!

What are we changing?

Changing Habits – as humans we have become accustomed to the buy it, use it, throw it lifestyle. We need to change this. To buy it, use it, use it again, pass it on. Cloth nappies are the perfect example of this habit change that is needed.

Changing Lives – comfortable, dry, cushioned bottoms make a happy baby. Overall cost savings make happy parents. Reducing landfill and carbon saving make happier futures for everyone. What’s not to love?

Changing Futures – Changing a habit of a generation and start the evolution. By raising awareness of Real Nappies amongst future generations of parents – through information, fashion and fun – we can make evolution happen! Spread the word at grass roots level; encourage friends, family and the younger generation to go along to your local Nappy Library or Council’s Nappuccino / Nappy Natter Event!

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