Reducing waste at Go Real HQ

Reducing waste in an office environment can sometimes be a challenge. Often council’s will charge for the collection of recycling and rubbish as a small project this was an issue in our old home. However since moving to a home office in 2015 we don’t have to worry about that any more. But, we want to do more than just recycle! The biggest waste Go Real produces is paper. The first thing we have done to reduce this is think twice (or three times!) Do I really need to print this? Then, everything else now gets shredded, this then goes to the Go Real family chickens nest box and once they are done with the shredded paper it goes to the compost bin. Meaning that no paper ever, gets wasted here!

Reducing waste isn’t just about nappies, keep your eye’s pealed to find out more about how the Go Real family are working to reduce waste at home and work every day!



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