Choosing a Menstrual Cup



So, you have decided to use a menstrual cup, maybe you’re planning to buy a well-known brand of cup that you have seen on your local high street, or you spotted a purple sparkly cup on social media. But, how do you know this will work for you? There are so many different cups, with so many different sizes and shapes and some are stiff, some are soft, and some are somewhere in between. So, what do you need to consider when choosing which cup to buy?

What size?

Cup manufactures often have two sizes of cup, one smaller and one larger. It is often advised that the smaller size is suitable for those who are under 30 and have not given birth. And the larger size is often advised to be suitable for those who are over 30 or have given birth.  But is it really that simple?

How high up is your cervix?    

Sorry for the personal question, but it’s really important for you to know this. The higher your cervix is, you may find that you get on with a longer cup (yes, they come in different lengths!). And if your cervix is low, you will want a shorter cup.

If your cup is too short, you may find that it might not seal properly, it could move around inside your vagina, it could be hard to reach when you need to remove it.

If your cup is too long it might not unfold properly inside the vagina meaning it cannot seal properly. It could also cause discomfort and possible pain.

To find your cervix. With clean hands, insert your index and middle fingers into your vagina and reach up until you find your cervix, this has a similar feeling to the end of your nose. (You may wish to use a water based lubricant to help you with this). If your fingers only reach up to your knuckles (or there abouts) you may want a shorter cup. If your fingers go all the way up your vagina before finding your cervix, or if you cannot find it you may want a longer cup. You will find that your cervix is at a different height at different times of your cycle, so we would recommend checking in the shower when you are on your period.

When looking at different cups, you will usually find that the details of how long they are. And remember, if you need to, you can trim off the stem to make it slightly shorter.

How soft do you or don’t you want your cup?

This depends on your muscle tone. The more athletic you are the stronger your pelvic floor will be, you may find it difficult to use a softer cup as your muscles could “crush” the cup. So a firmer cup maybe more suitable. If you have had children and or, you are not so athletic you may find a softer cup more suitable.

How much fluid will the cup hold?

Different cups have different capacities, so if you have heavier periods check the cup you chose is a higher capacity cup to avoid having to change your cup too often.

If you’re not sure about the size or firmness of a cup, email or call the retailer, they should be able to answer any of your questions. Please don’t be shy, they are very used to talking about cups and periods.

Find out more about Go Real’s Reusable Menstrual Product campaign here!


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